How to Screenshot on PC and Laptops, Shortcut Key

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How to Screenshot on PC and Laptop Shortcut Key: If you have a laptop, computer, or PC then you need to know how to take screenshots on a PC. Many of you are interested to know how to take screenshots with keyboard shortcuts and easy methods. Also, many people search again on Google how to easily take screenshots on PC using browser extensions.


How to take Screenshots on Windows 11


We will tell you some methods through this article. Like taking a screenshot with the keyboard. Again taking screenshots using Chrome browser extension. You can also take screenshots on the computer using the software. By adopting the method you can easily take screenshots on your computer or laptop. Go ahead and continue the full article.

Note: If you take a screenshot with the extension, your PC’s taskbar will not appear in the screenshot. This only applies to taking screenshots with the keyboard.


How to take Screenshots on a PC with the Keyboard:


  • To take a screenshot on the computer, firstly your keyboard (Windows + Print Screen Key) Press together.

how to screenshot on pc

Screenshot Shortcut Key

How To Screenshot On PC


Sometimes your keyboard may have shortcut names for Windows and Print Screen keys. For example-

  • Windows: WIN/ Logo
  • Print Screen: PS/ PRINT/ PRTScn/ Print Screen (Sys Rq)


But you can take screenshots anyway. Different keyboards have different abbreviations depending on the keyboard company, but the function is the same.


How to Screenshot on Laptop:


What are 3 Ways to Take a Screenshot on a PC?

  • To take a screenshot on a laptop, firstly your keyboard (Windows + SHIFT + S Key) Press together.

how to screenshot on pc

For example, look at the image above

3 Ways to Take a Screenshot on a Laptop?

In this way, you can take screenshots on both computers and laptops. Another benefit of taking a screenshot like this is that you will see four options at the top when you take a screenshot.


  • The first option is called: Rectangular Snip. With this, you can select a specific area and take a screenshot.
  • The second option is called: Freeform Snip. With this, you can take circle-type screenshots in specific areas.
  • The third option is called: Window Snip. With this, you can take full-screen screenshots excluding the bottom taskbar.
  • The name of the fourth option is a Full-screen snip. If you screenshot through it you will get a full screen screenshot of your laptop with the taskbar at the top and bottom.

Lightshot Chrome Extension


How to take screenshots using Lightshot extension tools on a computer or laptop:

  • First, Lightshot Extension Tools should be added to the browser you are using on your PC. If you are using Chrome browser then you have to do “Add to Chrome”.
  •  Then click on the extension icon from the top toolbar and pin the “Lightshot Screenshot Tool” extension.
  • Now you will see the Lightshot logo icon in the extension bar. After you enter the browser the page you want to take a screenshot. After going to that page click on that lightshot logo icon at the top.
  • Now select which area you want to take a screenshot. Now that specific area after you take the screenshot“CTRL+C” Copy with “CTRL+V” Press to send the screenshot to anyone’s inbox.
  • Also“CTRL+S” You can save the screenshot in your PC file by pressing.
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How to Use Lightshot Chrome Extension


  • Also here you will find some more features. Pictures that you can use to edit the screenshot. You can highlight a specific area in your screenshot and also mark it with different colors. You can mention a specific option by pulling the arrow again. There are various markers including circle, rectangular, line, color plate, and pen options.
  • With this small tool, you can take a screenshot and print it directly from here.


Keyboard Shortcut for Print Screen


Of all the free browser extension tools, the Lightshot Screenshot Tool is the best I’ve seen. You can try it if you want. It is user-friendly and much more efficient. So all laptop and computer users should use it at least once.

If you have any queries regarding this article then please comment below. Also, stay with us for more interesting content.

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