How to Apply For E Passport Online 2024

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E Passport online Registration Form: From now on you no longer have to take the help of brokers or any third party to get a passport. And you don’t have to travel daily to go directly to the passport office. You can apply for an e-passport online at home only. The process is very simple and may take you five to ten minutes at most. Without further ado let’s show you the process step by step.

e Passport Online Application Form

First, you need to go to a website. We will give the link to the website below this blog post.

e passport online

e Passport Online Sign up:

Step 1: After clicking on the following link, an interface like this will appear in front of you. Here you will be asked to check if your nearest passport office has e-passport availability. To check that if you have applied for a passport from Bangladesh then give YES and if you have applied from abroad or other countries. Then you must select NO.

If you select YES then you have to select your district from the options below. Along with that, you have to select your upazila from the next option. And if you select NO, it will ask you which country you live in. That country should be Sylhet. And you have to select the name of the city you are in. Once selected, click on the Continue button below.

Step 2: Here you have to put your email address. Check the “I am human” option to check whether you are a human or a robot. But you must solve a capture while giving the pick. First click on the option and you need to understand what the image shown above is basically. For example, if it is a bike, then click on any of the nine pictures shown below which one is a bike. In this way, the captcha can be solved. Once this captcha is solved, click on the verify button below. Then click on the Continue button.



e Passport Online Check

Step 3: From here you have to select the country code of your country. For example, Bangladesh, etc. Then you have to put in your mobile number. Of course, the phone number should be active and you should put the phone number that you use all the time here. Then click on the “I am human” option and fill in the caption again.

Now you have to enter a new password. You have to re-enter the same password in the next option which you set in the first option.

Now you have to give your personal information like your “Full Name“. The name must match with your NID card. In the below option “Given Name” i.e. you can put your first name here. But it is optional.


Then “Surname” i.e. put your name or last name here. Again you have to solve the captcha. Click on Create Account.

Now you have to verify the Gmail that you set earlier. Check your Gmail email to verify the seven. You will get new mail. Then click on the Here option. Verification will be done immediately.

Step-4: Here actually your account will show activated. And after clicking on the sign-in option from below. Enter the email and password you provided earlier here. Then you need to solve the captcha again and click on the sign-in button.

e passport online

E Passport Apply Documents 2024


e Passport Login: Once signed in, you will be prompted to “Apply for a New e-Passport”. Now if we want we can apply for a passport. So we will click on this option.

  • If you want to make an ordinary passport then you need to click on the official option to create an ordinary and official passport. Then click on the save and continue option.
  • Now if you have created a passport for yourself. Then click on the apply for myself option. And if you want to apply for someone else’s passport then you don’t need to tick it.
  • Select the gender of the passport you are applying for male or female. Ex: Male/ Female.
  • Here you have to enter your profession Sylhet. One has to select the profession as per the type of work you do. According to your profession, if there is no option here, then select the other option.
  • Then select your religion from here.
  • Then select your country code. Each country has a different country code. You can also give your phone number if you want. But the phone number is optional as we have already given it earlier.
  • Here you have to select your country name.
  • Then select the name of the district in which you were born.
  • Then you have to select the date of birth according to your NID card.
  • Now you have to give citizenship information. Like whether you are a citizen of this country by birth? The country you have previously visited is Sylhet. If so then select the By Birth option.
  • Then click on the save and continue buttons.



  • First, you have to select your district.
  • Then the name of any city/village/house should be placed here.
  • Here, on the Road/ Block/ Sector you can give the name or number of anyone from here. But it is optional.
  • The post office of your permanent address must be selected from here.
  • Then each post has its postal code. Enter the postal code of your post office here. If the postal code is set automatically, you do not need to re-enter it.
  • Then you have to give the name of the police station.
  • Then it will show here whether your current address and permanent address are the same. If it is the same then from below you have to tick the option “Present address is the same as permanent address”. If not the same then a tick mark is not required. In this, you need to fill in the present address as well as the permanent address.
  • Then you have to click on the save and continue button.



  • If you have a previous passport then you must select Yes on that passport. And if there is no passport then you have to select NO.
  • Now you will be asked if you have a passport from any other country. If not then select NO and if yes then select YES.
  • Then you have to enter your National NID card number here.
  • Then click on the seven continue button.

Now you have to submit parental information.

Father Information:

  • First, enter your father’s full name as per your NID card.
  • Syllabus father’s profession.
  • Sylhet is the country of which the father is a citizen.
  • Now you can put the father’s NID card number as an option.

Mother Information:

  • Mother’s full name as per NID card.
  • Profession
  • Nationally.
  • NID card number.



Guardian Information (Optional). You can choose not to.

Spouse Information.

  • Select Divorce if you are married, Single if you are single, or Divorce if you are divorced.
  • If you are married. Then definitely give the information of your wife or husband. And if you have selected a single then any kind of information needs to be given here.
  • Then click on the Seven Continue option.



Now you have to submit emergency contact information.

  • Aunt, Brother, Sister, Sister-in-law, Brother-in-law, Business Partner, Colleague, Cousin, Daughter, Daughter-in-law, Employer, Father, Mother, Grand Father, Grandmother, Grandson, Nephew, Nice, If you have any relation with others, son, son-in-law, spouse, uncle, etc. you can add that information to an emergency contact.
  • You have to enter all the information of the person you select from above.
  • Select your Country.
  • Select District.
  • City/Village/House Name anyone.
  • Enter any name of the Road / Block / Sector. But it is optional.
  • Select Post Office and Postal Code.
  • If you want, you can put his email address as an option.
  • Then select the country code.
  • Here you must give his phone number.
  • If you tick the Send SMS application status option. Then if any type of SMS is sent from the passport office, it will go to this number. You can choose not to.
  •   Then click on the Save and Continue button.



Passport kivabe korbo?

Then you have to submit the passport option.

  • You have to select your passport page number. If you want to create a 48-page passport then select 48 pages. And if you want to create a 64-page passport. Then select 64 pages of course.
  • Then you have to select the validity of your passport for 5 or 10 years.
  • Then your passport price will show here. Same price if you have a 48-page five-year term or a 48-page 10-year term. Also if you want to get a passport of 64 pages for 5 years or 64 pages for 10 years it may cost more. After selecting you will see the price.
  • Then save and continue the option.



Now you have to select the delivery option and appointment.

  • Here you will get two options one is regular delivery and the other is express delivery. If you do Sylhet regular delivery then it may take 15 to 1 month to get the passport. And if you take the address delivery then you will get your passport very quickly within a week.
  • On top of that, your passport may cost more or less. If you wait 15 to one month for regular delivery, then of course the price of the passport will come. If you want to get the passport in less than a week, then you may have to spend some money more than that price. But you don’t need to pay separately, VAT and charges are included here.
  • Now you have to select an available date from below. Also, select a specific time. On that date and time, you have to visit the passport office and submit this application form.
  • Now click on the save and continue button.


E Passport Online Status Check

Now you can check all the information that you have submitted here so far from here. If any information is wrong, you can edit it. As it is a matter of passport, you must take 10 to 15 minutes to check the information again and then submit it finally.

  • If all your information is correct, click on the “Confirm and Process to Payment” option.
  • Again from here, you have to click on the same option.
  • Now your application form will show here.
  • The below will show online payment and offline payment. If online payment is available then you can make online payment and if not available then you have to make offline payment.
  • Banks where you can pay: Bank Asia, Dhaka Bank, One Bank, Premier Bank, Sonali Bank, Trust Bank, and A-Challan.
  • Now click on the continue button.
  • Then your application status will show Submitted.



e-Passport Online Application Form Download

E-Passport Application Summary: Now you will see the application summary. You can directly print the application by clicking on the print summary below or you can download the application form in your phone file if you want by clicking on the download application form for print option. Of course, you have to download it and submit it to the passport office on a certain date.

Now if you scroll down you will see what documents you need to submit to the passport office along with the application form. You must take them with you. Also, you must carry your smart card or NID card original while submitting the application form.



E Passport Required Documents

I am giving you a list below of what you will need to submit at the passport office.

  • You must print the form you just downloaded. which will be required at the time of submission to the passport office. And yes, it will be 3 pages A4 size.
  • Then carry a photocopy of your NID/Smart Card.
  • If the NID card is not present then a photocopy of the Birth Certificate will be required.
  • Then you have to give the payment slip. You should carry the slip given to you by the bank while making the payment along with the application form.
  • If you are married then you must carry your Marriage Registration copy.
  • If your profession is a student then you must need a School Certificate.
  • If your profession is private then you must submit the Biddut Bill original copy.
  • You have to submit these documents to the passport office according to the date you have given while submitting.
  • You have to submit your Photo, Fingerprint, etc while submitting it to the passport office.
  • On completion of this process, you will be provided with a Delivery Slip.
  • You will be notified through a message on your phone when your passport is ready. Then you can go to your nearest passport office and collect that passport.

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