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E Passport Status Check Online BD

E-Passport status checks online: Those of you who have applied online for an e-passport. or Fingerprint Enrollment has come. Many of you don’t know. That’s how the Current Status of the e-Passport Has to check As a result you will know. Your e-passport Whether verification is done or printing Have you gone for it? Also in your passport, You can know if the issue has been done by checking the status. You must read this post completely to know about all these things.

To know the current location of your e-passport from your computer or mobile. Any browser open, search “” or Click on your own button. 


e-Passport Check Online 2023

Now you have one like this: E-passport is official on the website. You can see the form. You fill out the form Click on the check button. Then you can check your application status. So let’s find out how this form is filled correctly.


E Passport Status Check Online


Passport check online Bangladesh


You can see it first online through Registration ID or Application ID. Anyone from here to you have to pay Suppose here you put the Application ID. For this, you were given the delivery slip. That delivery slip Above the left side Application ID is given Check that the Application ID here will sit When the application is finished writing, you will see below that there is one more option. That is the Select Date of Birth. Given here in your passport Correct date of birth must be selected. Tick ​​the box that says “I’m Human” below it.

If everything is fine click the check button manually. Now see that it will show you the current status of your passport.

Online passport status check 2024

After checking the passport status you will see that it is still in processing. That means now the police On verification is gone.

And if your passport is completely prepared or ready. Then there you will see that passport ready for issuance. Whenever your Passport is checked, Such a status will show. That’s when you deliver take the slip and go to the passport office And from there you can collect your passport. check online


Many people do not receive an SMS after the passport is made. Instead, it is informed through email. As a result, many people do not know whether it is made or not. If they want like this Check their passport status can see. 

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