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Grameenphone Minute Offer Code

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GP Minute Offer List 2024: Most people in Bangladesh use Grameenphone SIM. So the number of GP SIM subscribers is more than other SIM operators. Because Grameenphone provides the best service to their customers than other SIM companies. It can be said that there is no shortage of GP SIM networks almost everywhere in Bangladesh. Because GP SIM provides a strong network for its customers. 

GP Internet Offer 2024


Also, customers can easily talk on the phone from any part of Bangladesh to other parts using GP SIM. But it is very important to have balance on the phone for talking. But it costs a little more to talk directly by loading money on the phone. So if you want to reduce the cost while talking on the phone then this post is very important for you. 

GP Minute Offer Code 2024


We will share with you how you can activate some of the best GP SIM minute offers on your phone at a low price. As a result, you will not spend extra money using your GP SIM. We will discuss how to buy more minutes at the GP for less money. So that you don’t run out of extra money even after chatting with friends all day. 

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GP Minute Pack Price List 2024


You can learn about various GP SIM offers on our website. Like GP Minute Offer, GP Internet Offer and GP SMS Offer, etc. 

I am sharing a table with you below. In this table, you will be given different talk time offers starting from the lowest price to the highest price and the code number of how to buy how many minutes, with validity, and how much GP will be given. 

GP Minute Pack Recharge Offer



Offer Pack


19 Tk

25 Minutes1 Days
29 Tk 40 Minutes

2 Days

49 Tk

60 Minutes3 Days
79 Tk90 Minutes

5 Days

99 Tk

130 Minutes7 Days
129 Tk200 Minutes

7 Days

110 Tk

150 Minutes7 Days
191 Tk300 Minutes

7 Days

300 Tk

500 Minutes

7 Days


GP All Minutes Offer:

  • gp minute offer 3 days
  • gp minute offer 5 days
  • gp minute offer 7 days
  • gp minute offer 10 days
  • gp minute offer 15 days
  • gp minute offer 30 days

GP Minute Offer List 2024


PriceOffer PackageValidityUSSD code
4 Tk8 Minutes4 Hours*121*4022#
6 Tk10 Minutes6 Hours*121*4024#
14 Tk18 Minutes12 Hours*121*4001#
15 Tk20 Minutes3 Days*121*5352#
16 Tk25 Minutes24 Hours*121*4207#
19 Tk27 Minutes24 Hours*121*4402#
24 Tk37 Minutes24 Hours*121*4002#
25 Tk32 Minutes20 Hours*121*5658#
26 Tk38 Minutes24 Hours*121*4648#
29 Tk45 Minutes2 Days*121*4405#
36 Tk55 Minutes2 Days*121*3259#
44 Tk65 Minutes3 Days*121*4003#
45 Tk75 Minutes30 Days*121*5101#
48 Tk80 Minutes3 Days*121*4406#
53 Tk77 Minutes +50 SMS7 Days*121*4004#
59 Tk90 Minutes7 Days*121*4205#
60 Tk100 Minutes30 Days*121*5027#
64 Tk100 Minutes7 Days*121*4206#
74 Tk110 Minutes7 Days*121*4403#
78 Tk120 Minutes7 Days*121*4026#
99 Tk160 Minutes7 Days*121*4006#
100 Tk160 Minutes7 Days*121*5626#
108 Tk180 Minutes7 Days*121*3260#
120 Tk175 Minutes15 Days*121*5395#
124 Tk200 Minutes7 Days*121*4407#
128 Tk210 Minutes7 Days*121*4008#
135 Tk200 Minutes30 Days*121*5026#
149 Tk200 Minutes10 Days*121*4408#
157 Tk200 Minutes15 Days*121*5074#
174 Tk200 Minutes30 Days*121*4410#
199 Tk310 Minutes + 51230 Days*121*4018#
208 Tk320 Minutes30 Days*121*5725#
218 Tk330 Minutes +51230 Days*121*4400#
225 Tk350 Minutes30 Days*121*5725#
248 Tk400 Minutes30 Days*121*4401#
258 Tk400 Minutes30 Days*121*4414#
307 Tk500 Minutes30 Days*121*4208#
318 Tk500 Minutes +51230 Days*121*4415#
333 Tk533 Minutes30 Days*121*5007#
339 Tk555 Minutes30 Days*121*3100#
378 Tk600 Minutes30 Days*121*4411#
488 Tk800 Minutes30 Days*121*4657#
498 Tk350 Minutes +12GB30 Days*121*3475#
609 Tk1000 Minutes +1GB30 Days*121*4209#
727 Tk1200 Minutes +1GB30 Days*121*3107#
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How To Buy GP Minutes Pack From MyGP?


  1. Go to the MyGP app and log in with your phone number.
  2. Click on the Buy Minute option.
  3. Select the preferred minute pack and click on the Continue button.
  4. Your phone should have that amount of balance as per the price of the desired pack. 

জিপি মিনিট প্যাকেজ কিভাবে কিনব?


How To Check GP Minute Offer 2024

  1. First, open your mobile dial pad and dial *121#.
  2. Here option number 4, type 4 for Minute, Combo & SMS Pack, and send. 
  3. Here the list of all your minute packs will appear. Type the number of the preferred pack and send it.

Grameenphone Minute Loan Code

Dial 10101# to get the GP Emergency Minute Pack. No charge will be made to check it. 

How To Check GP Minute Balance

To check GP minutes balance dial 56620# and see how many minutes the balance is currently left on your SIM. 


Visit our website to get daily updates on various GP SIM offers. If you like this post, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thanks. 

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