ফোনের স্ট্যাটাস বারে নিজের ছবি সেট করুন – Mobile Status Bar

Friends, today I have shown you through this video how you can set your own picture or picture of your favorite people in the status bar of your phone. Which makes your phone look much more attractive than before. Everyone will be surprised to see your phone. How do you add such interesting pictures of yourself to your phone in the status bar or how we uploaded videos on this topic. Be sure to watch the video from above.

Mobile Status Bar

You can also change the color by customizing the status bar of your phone. And you can add any design of your choice. Everyone will be looking at your phone when they see it. 

Pixellab App- Link

Status Bar App- Link 2


You will need an application for this. The application link is given below. 

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