Future of HarmonyOS (Operating System) – Huawei New Smartphone

Future of HarmonyOS (Operating System) – Huawei New Smartphone.

Android is such a name that the name is now memorized in the face of each of us. By smartphone, we mean only Android. But did you know that it is the first operating system in the world? But it is second only to Apple’s iOS, but another way to beat Android is Harmony Waz. It is mainly due to Android’s argument with Huawei that Huawei is going to bring it to the market which will run at 7 times more speed than Android. Its role is immense.

Those of us who use the Android operating system. They will definitely want to use Harmony OS once it is coming to a new market also when it goes on the market now but Android will go down. We will definitely try to use it once it goes on the market. 


Future of HarmonyOS
Huawei New Smartphone 2020

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Future of HarmonyOS 2021

However, due to the crowd a few days ago, many people think that the Android operating system will no longer be on Huawei phones. From now on, maybe Huawei will always add the Harmony (OS) operating system. Not only that, many people who use Huawei phones think that everyone will turn off the Android system on their phones if they bought the phones with money, but there are many who use expensive phones to buy the phone a few days before the buzz. If you hear that you have paid expensive money, the phone will be turned off and the box will be closed, but your money is in the water.


Upcoming Harmony Operating System

 After a long time, it was finally released. Finally, it is not happening to those who bought old phones. But the happiest thing is that it is expected to be the first of the ATOs as well as the IOS, but it is new to the market, said Huawei.  Although Huawei’s new processor Harmony OS has many nicknames, one thing they notice is that they have a lot of weaknesses in this area, which is that they lag far behind in software development, which is much farther than Android. 

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