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bKash 20,000 Taka Loan

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How to Get a Loan from bKash: You can take an instant loan of up to BDT 20,000 taka from the bKash app if you want. This service has already been launched for all bKash customers. If you are also a bKash customer. Or have a bKash account on your phone. Then you can avail of the loan by logging into the bKash app through your phone. However, it is important to note that bKash does not offer loans directly to customers. Loans are mainly given by City Bank. And they are providing this facility through City Bank bKash.


Online Loan in Bangladesh 2023


Instant Cash Loan in 1 Minute in Bangladesh: To get a loan of BDT 20,000 from bKash, you must make regular bKash transactions. The loan you get with a bKash account is not like that. You will need to transact in bKash for some time. According to the amount of that transaction, it will suggest the maximum amount you can borrow from bKash. You can avail of the loan starting from a minimum of 500 tk to the maximum amount suggested by the bKash app.

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Emergency Loan Bangladesh


Best online loan app in Bangladesh: We more or less all transact with bKash. You can avail of this service very easily based on your transaction volume. This service is not applicable to those who do not make any transactions from bKash at all. So let’s know how you can take out a loan instantly from the bKash app. For this, there is no need to stand in queues like banks and submit various documents. It is as easy as recharging a mobile from bKash. But what is good to keep in mind is that the maximum period of the loan council is three months.


Easy Loan in Bangladesh


Mobile loan in Bangladesh: While availing loan from bKash you will know the council date in advance. You can also see how much money you have borrowed. How much is the bank’s processing fee and how much will you get in total? You can also know the total repayable amount and total interest. Also, the interest rate will also be given there. Here it will also be given that according to your loan amount, you will have to pay monthly installments in total for three months.

  • First login your account in your bKash app.
  • Then click on the loan option.
  • It will then suggest an amount based on your transaction volume. And you cannot take out a loan above this amount. But you can take a loan below that if you want.
  • Then click on the Get Loan option.
  • Then you can reduce the amount by editing from the amount option. Enter the amount you want to borrow and click on the proceed option.
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City Bank Loan Interest Rate


  • Here you will see all your details. And how much money you must pay in installments in three months will also be told here. Here you can know how many installments will be deducted from your bKash in a month according to your amount. Therefore, your installment amount must be deposited in the bKash account before the 3rd of every month. You can earn cents from anyone and deposit that amount in your bKash account. And from that money, an installment of a fixed amount will be deducted regularly every month. Now click on the proceed button.

Urgent Personal Loan in Bangladesh


  • You will then be given a notice. Be sure to read that notice carefully. Because everything about the loan is detailed here. If you fail the loan council, loan terms, automatic installment deduction, the penalty for late installment payment, etc. are mentioned here you agree to read this option carefully. Otherwise, you cannot take a loan from here. Click OK to agree.


  • Now login with your bKash account PIN.
  • Then here you will see your received amount, new balance, loan taken, loan disbursed, total repayable loan, and council date. If everything is fine, tap and hold on the “Tap and hold to borrow” option.
  • Then the loan amount will be instantly cashed in your bKash account.


Then you can withdraw that money from any bKash store through sending money or cash out. Thanks for reading the entire post. Share with your friends if you like it.

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