imo block number unblock 2024

How to unblock blocked numbers in IMO. Many times if you block someone on Emu intentionally or by mistake, you can unblock them again if you want. Let’s know how to do it according to the new update of imo.

There are usually many reasons why you may have blocked a person on imo. Now the question is how to find out the block list in that emo. In today’s post, you can find out where the block list is in IMO.

First, let’s go to IMO for this.

imo block number unblock

Then click on the profile icon at the top left side.


imo block number unblock

Now click on Security & Privacy.


imo block number unblock

Now click on Blocked List option.

imo block number unblock


Here is how many people you have blocked from your emo account. All will be shown with name and profile. And if you want, you can unblock a specific person very easily by clicking on the Unblock button next to it.


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