Most Popular Romantic Ringtone for Android/ iPhone | Sad, Sweet, New Love Ringtone 2023

Set Different Ringtones For Different Contact Numbers

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Most Popular Romantic Ringtone for Android/ iPhone.

Hello friends, how are you all today? Today I will teach you how to set different ringtones for each number. This allows you to call from different numbers. Different ringtones will play. If I say for example. Then if your brother calls you. A kind of ringtone will play. When your sister calls you. Comedy when your mother calls you. In addition, if you call a friend or you can hear a different kind of ringtone. Also if you are somewhere far away. You can tell by getting the sound of your phone’s ringtone from a distance. Who called you. If your importance is bananas. Then you can receive it quickly. If you are not important. Even if you don’t receive it. How do you do this? Even how to set it up on your phone. Today I will teach you about this subject.

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Romantic, Sad, Sweet, New Love Ringtone

So friends, if you want to know, keep reading the whole article. I will teach you step-by-step. I’ll even tell you how to do it. If you have trouble understanding. Then I have given a video on this subject above. You can watch the video directly from our website from our YouTube channel. Then you will understand in more detail. Our video has been recorded in full Bengali. If your language has become a language. Then you can read the details of this article. 

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Set different ringtones for different contact numbers

First, you need an application. The link to that application will be given to me on this site. Then you will install the application on your phone and open it. After opening, an interface will appear in front of you. There is an option below that interface. You can select any ringtone of your choice by clicking on that ringtone option. Click anyone. Now you will see many options in front of you. From here you can do other, other things.

But you have different numbers. To set different ringtones. There is an option to look at the end of the options. Click there. Now you want to set that day to any number. Select that number. Of course, there will be a list of all the numbers saved on your phone. Select the number of your favorite person and come out. You see that it is set automatically. To check it. Tell your loved one. You can call once and see.

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Friends, I hope you like today’s post a lot. If it is difficult to understand, of course, I will say it again. You can watch the video on our channel. Where I have shown or said step-by-step. To stay connected with us you will see a bell icon on the left side of our site. Click and subscribe. By doing this, every article on our site will be notified to you first. Thank you very much for reading recently.

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