Talk on the phone with anyone who changes their voice

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Call voice change- Talk on the phone with anyone who changes their voice

Hello friends, how are you all? Today I will introduce you to an app that allows you to talk to anyone on your phone in a girl’s voice. Most of the time we can use it to have fun with a friend, but I hope someone is bad. Don’t use it at work because after completing these tips you can call your Facebook friend or other friend and have fun with them and even have your own fun. Many times you will see your friends planning you in such a way that life is very nice to you. Many times they use some apps like that, they call through that app, even that phone can be called for free, that is, they can talk for free, so what is this amazing app and how it works on your phone, I will tell you. Show that you can talk to anyone in any voice by converting your voice to the side of the phone. 

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How to have fun with friends?

Before I show you some important settings of this app plus how it works. I will tell you how to install this app. First, you have to go directly to install Airstree, first, you have to go to Google Play Store, you have to search there, the name of this app is your name. After this article, I will tell you what you must get after reading the entire article. Below is the app about how you can convert the voice through the settings. 

You need to make some important settings that will convert your voice from male to female so that your friend can hear it in a female voice. If your son speaks in voice then other than your friend will be able to hear in a female voice which will be very unique even you. You can’t recognize, you can love, you can propose to them through the bank, then you can see if they actually agree, you can record what you read, you can listen to it, you can have fun with your other friends, you can make unlimited phone calls with friends.


How to use the app?

First of all, when you install and open the app, you may be asked a few times in front of you. The first thing you must do is read the privacy policies of the police on their apps, which is why you have these apps, there are some permissions that you must give, it is your personal matter, so you must read and understand, then you can do it. Then maybe a few more times it could be your phone’s gallery or your audio or something like that you can ask for or microphone permission then but if you don’t give it but it will definitely not work the way you want it to take you to the homepage.

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Then you can’t see for yourself. There is a dial pad button. Click here and go to the dial pad. You will see that your number above will give you the option to call anyone from your contact number. From there it will look like a dial pad on your mobile. You can call someone on the number that is in the dial pad on your mobile. 


Call voice change:

You can see here when you go to call or pick up the number. You will see above that there are many options. Funny then you will get other mail females or your other options which will change as soon as you click on your voice. You can see below. Clicking a call record button or switching it on will record your call. What you are saying and if you do not switch it but the call will not be recorded. I hope you have fun with your friends so that you can hear it later.


Credit Earn:

to share it with friends. So there is nothing where you can always talk for free. But here you can talk for free every day. If you want to talk for your free time, you have to earn some credit. If you don’t do that, you can talk for free. Click on the Settings button on your right to see if you have Unlimited Talk, then you will see that there is a Share button so that you can share it with your friends. If they install it from here, you will get some credit from there. You have to do it through and with that, you can talk for free and even chill with a friend, so friends, I hope you have understood by now, see you in the next post, stay well until then. Call voice change.

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