World’s Best 20000mAh Power Bank for iPhone, Android | Best Power Bank 2022

Baseus Power Bank Adaman 22.5w 20000mAh

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Best Power Bank 2022: Today I will introduce you to the best power bank in the world. This is a fast charging supported power bank of 20000mAh capacity by Baseus. The most interesting aspect of this power bank is; With this, you can easily charge the phone’s 3000mAh capacity battery 4 times and 4000mAh capacity battery 3 times from 0 to 100. In this way, you are getting 12000 rated capacity in phases.


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Best Power Bank 2022
Best Power Bank 2022

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Not only that. It has an amazing feature digital display. Through this, you can see what percentage charge is in this power bank. Even how many watts and how many amperes the power bank is charging or giving. You can easily see it on the digital display. I found it quite helpful.

Again this power bank helps in fast charging. Which we know as fast charging or quick charging. You will get a total of five ports from the power bank. Two of them will receive import from the port and the other two will receive output from the port. There is also a Type C port. With which you get both output and import. So total output and input are getting three each.

Here are the supported posts:

Two USB ports Which alternately USB1/ USB2: 4.5V 5A,5V 4.5A,5V 3A,9V 2A,12V 1.5A Max charging.

Then there is the Type C port. From this, you can also fast charge your phone at 5V 3A, 9V 2A, and 12V 1.5A Max.


Again there is a special benefit for iPhone users. That is the case with import. Of course, you can alternately charge 5V 2A and 9V 2A Max. 5V 2A,9V 2A Max through IP cable. And get 5V/3A 5.5V/3A(SCP) 9V/2A Max input through apps.


Its full name- is Baseus Power Bank Adaman 22.5w 20000Mah PPAD000101 Metal Digital Display Quick Charge Power Bank.

This power bank has an energy conversion of≥ 75%. However, it is made of a metal body. Due to this, there is no possibility of any kind of scratch on the power bank You can charge both iPhone and Android phones with this which will be very nice Small fans, lights, or other gadgets can also be charged. Which I find amazing.

The power bank is very portable for everyone when it comes to traveling. Also, if you have a power bank with you when you go out, you don’t have to worry about your phone running out of charge. Because you can fully charge this power bank once. Later you can charge your phone multiple times. I am 100% satisfied using the power bank. So encouraged to share with you.


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After using this power bank last week. I have shared that experience with you in the above video. So definitely watch the video from our YouTube channel.



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