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Screen Lock Time Password

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প্রতি মিনিটে চেঞ্জ হবে ফোনের লক:

Friends, today I will talk about a strange secret app for the phone. You can set a nice lock on your phone using that app. As a result, all apps on your phone will be protected. No one else can unlock that guy except you. Also your phone’s screen lock will work in the same way. Let us know what those strange tricks are. 

Usually we use pin lock password lock pattern lock or fingerprint also face lock. But today I will talk about the nice guy. It is a completely uncommon lock system. As a result, no one else will have any chance to unlock and access your phone. So I think it is very necessary to share it with you. Usually a person puts it on your phone but anyone can unlock it many times.


কাউকে Call দেওয়ার আগে, এই গোপন কাজটি জেনে নিন


Because those people are very common and everyone has a rough idea. But today I will show you the skin lock or app lock. After seeing it, no one except you and your friends around you will understand about it. This guy has a little secret trick that I’m going to teach you. 


Now let’s see what the man looks like. Usually we set a pin lock or password lock on our phone. This guy looks almost the same but it works completely differently. We usually set up our phones with a guy. But later we have to unlock our phone again with that same lock. But through today’s tricks you will know that your phone lock will change every minute. And there is a trick to unlock that guy. 

You may or may have already thought that if the lock changes every minute. Then you will open or unlock the rest with the lock. These are the secret tricks that not everyone knows. You can open only after knowing these tips. The guy will work with your phone clock time. That is very nice and unique. Let us know how to do that guy on your phone. Then I will show you how to unlock it again. 


First of all you need to download these apps:




Now how to set the phone lock after installing the apps. It is very simple to open the apps first. Now follow the steps below-


  1. If you open the app, you will get an interface like this. From here set a lock of 4 pins as you wish.
  2. Now click next and again put the same 4 digit pin number.
  3. Now your application will open.
  4. How many apps will show in front of you? Which are pre-installed on your phone. From there click on any one of the apps and click OK.
  5. Then the app you just downloaded will ask for permission. Enable that permission button. 
  6. Now click on the same app for the second time and turn on the permission. 


Next I will show you how to change your phone lock every minute. Apply these settings to your phone. Follow the steps below:


  1. while keeping the app open, click on the six dot icon on the top right. 
  2. After coming to the settings, click on the lock type from the first option above.
  3. Then you will see many lock systems will show in front of you. From there you will see an option called Hours and minutes PIN at number three. Select it by clicking on it. Now the lock has been set on your phone. 
  4. Now you can back out from there and lock your favorite app manually by clicking one by one. Click on the app you want to lock and it will be set with your phone lock. Later, to unlock it, you must enter the app with the secret pin code. 
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Now let’s see how to unlock apps or your phone screen. First open your phone’s lock screen or any locked apps. The lock screen will appear immediately. There you must give your phone clock time. The secret trick is that the three crores you gave while locking your phone will no longer work. For this, look at the clock time on your phone while locking you. You have to use the time on the clock as the pin when you open the lock.


Suppose that it is now 10:15 on your phone. So your phone number will be 1015 and your phone lock will change every minute. Also, after changing every minute according to your clock time, you have to unlock the lock using the clock time. This is your phone’s screen lock or phone’s installed apps that you have locked. Only those will work. 


How to set a lock like this on your phone. To know it better, watch the video from our YouTube channel. The video is provided above. Thanks for reading the full article. 

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