Capcut Bangla Font Add 2024

How to add bangla text in capcut

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Capcut Bangla Font Add 2024:  Bengali writing may be required while editing text animation videos with the CapCut app. But many people don’t know how to write Bengali in the Cap Cut app. When many people try to write Bengali in  Cap Cut, the text is broken. Even if we select Bangla fonts, many of us feel annoyed to making videos with  CapCut apps due to broken texts. Especially those who make Bangla tax animation videos.

Capcut Bangla Text Broken


Capcut Text Edit Bangla: Those who are used to video editing with  CapCut. They may make different TikTok videos, Reels videos, etc. Bengali writing is also required in such videos. But the only problem is that if you write Bengali in  CapCut, the writing breaks. Generally, English texts are well written but in the case of Bengali, it doesn’t work.

ক্যাপকাটে বাংলা লেখার নিয়ম


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Those who are frustrated not being able to write Bengali text in  CapCut. For them, today’s post will be very useful. This post will show you step by step. Even through the video below, I will show how you can write Bengali text very easily in  CapCut. And by using your favorite Bengali font, you can type stylish Bengali texts without breaking them.

Those who think how to write Bengali in  CapCut. Want to know how to write Bengali in  CapCut? They keep reading this post completely. Below is a very easy way to write Bengali in  CapCut.

Capcut বাংলা লেখা সমস্যা সমাধান


  1. First you “Unicode to Bijoy converter Install the app on your phone.
  2. Then open the app and write some Bengali in the first box.
  3. Then click the red button “Convert to Unicode”.
  4. Then your texts will be converted from Bijay to Unicode. Copy the converted texts by clicking the copy button below.


CapCut App Latest Version Download

ZArchive Download


  1. Then open your CapCut app.
  2. Take any video or background from the gallery.
  3. Click on the “Text” option from the bottom to write above the video.
  4. Then click on Add “Text” and write some Bengali. For example, I wrote, “How are you?”.
  5. Now click on the “Add Font” option from the Font option. Also, click on the plus icon.
  6. Then click on the “Upload File” option.
  7. Select or add any Bangla font you downloaded earlier from here.
  8. I will give you a Bengali font link below. You can download that link and extract it with the “ZArchive” app. If you don’t extract that phone it won’t show when you add  CapCut to your file. The font will be linked to the app “ZArchiver”.
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How to add bangla font in Capcut


SutonnyMj Bangla Font Download


For example, I added “Sutonny MJ” Bengali font. And we selected that Bengali font. Then see the magic itself, the previous broken Bengali writings are automatically fixed and the writings look more beautiful than before. In this way, you can easily type Bangla in the CapCut app. Without breaking any texts.


Capcut Bangla Font Add 2024


Not to mention that. Fonts that are not MJ. They can also have minor problems in different places. But those fonts will have M written on the back. They will 100% work very well. So you try. The fonts that have MJ written on the back. You should use them. If you want to know more practically. Then watch the above video from our YouTube channel.

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