Facebook Account Locked? How to Unlock Facebook Account Without ID Proof or Phone Number

Your facebook account has been locked!

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Facebook Account Locked: Your Facebook account can be locked at any time due to various reasons. As a result, you cannot log in to your Facebook account. Can’t even use my Facebook ID. Today suddenly my Facebook ID was locked. Why was it locked and how did I unlock it again? I will tell you the details about that. Hope you can fix your Facebook account problem very quickly if ever this happens with your account.

Facebook Account Restricted Problem Solve 2023


How to unlock facebook account without id proof 2023: Many of you may know that if you use a Facebook account by turning on VPN, your Facebook account may get in trouble at any time. That’s exactly what happened to me. Although I already knew that a Facebook account should never be run with a VPN connection. But still, I wanted to open a Facebook page with a VPN connection for some time. For the past few months, I was not able to open any page from my Facebook ID. That’s why I connect to the VPN and open a page.

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When I log out of Facebook after Pasty is opened. A little later, when I went to Facebook, I saw that my account had been locked from Facebook.

How to Unlock Facebook Account


I was really surprised at how quickly Facebook tracked this. Maybe Facebook has figured out how to have an account in different countries at different times. So they locked it from Facebook for security purposes without thinking. As a result, I have to unlock it again. Facebook thinks that this account may have gone into someone else’s hands, so they often take such steps to protect the account owner.


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Finally, I would like to thank Facebook for being able to get my ID back so easily. Let us see how to unlock a Facebook account after it has been locked by Facebook. 


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Recover Locked Facebook Account


  • Open the Facebook app from your phone.
  • Login now.
  • Then in front of you (Has been locked your Facebook account) The Facebook account is locked The page will come up.
  • from below Get started Click on
  • Now The Gmail and the phone number you previously added to Facebook will show. If you think Except a phone number from here, Gmail is not yours select Remove it. Don’t remove anything from below if there is nothing to remove on the button click on it now it will start loading, wait for a while, and exit with the back.
  • Your Facebook Again app opens and views your ID It is active as before. That is your Facebook ID has been unlocked.

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