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Unsend Option Not Available in Messenger: Facebook Messages not Unsend in Messenger or can’t find the option to unfriendা। Today’s post is very important for those who are facing this problem. Many problems occur due to many technical problems with Messenger. If the message is sent to someone by mistake someone else’s Sent to ID. In that case, the message needs to be unset from either side Everyoneremove must do this. If that option is not there then There might be a problem. So if you want to send a specific message to a specific person send a message time to Be careful enough. Otherwise, your message is that someone else can get close.

So many times we send messages carelessly. Message to someone else’s ID by mistake. To avoid that problem you must use the Unsend option.


Facebook Messenger Remove for Everyone Not Showing


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So if your ID does not have the Inside option or when you go to message between some IDs. In that case, if there is no Unsend option or if there is no remove everyone option then how do you bring it back? Let us find out.

For this, you must leave your phone on the play store. Update the Messenger app from there. Then if you don’t find the Unsend option from your messenger then again download that messenger app from the Play Store. Uninstall and reinstall it. Then log in to your Messenger ID. Then watch the magic work. From now on, you will send messages to everyone IDYou will get options to Unsend and remove from both sides You will get the option.



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