Facebook Live Video Minimize Tricks

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Facebook Live Video Minimize Tricks

Hi friends how are you all today let me talk to you 3 secret settings of facebook dd settings if you apply to your phone hopefully some changes will come to your phone that changes you have never seen these three are very important for those of you who use facebook Even if you don’t want to miss them. keep reading the whole article. I am with you and you are reading the website.


Facebook Video Minimize


 You must know that those who have read. We always try to give you some good information or I share with you about different types of Facebook mobiles. but today I am going to share with you something that you want to do. even if you are very excited. The secret settings that have been updated in 2021 must not be missed. Keep reading the whole article. I will try to tell you completely. I hope you like it very much.

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 Friends. What we do is look at different types of Facebook or join a celebrity live and then we notice one thing. when we go to do other mobile tasks while we are in line on Facebook. we can’t do those tasks. This may be the first judgment that you Facebook doesn’t let you out while you’re live on Facebook. You don’t realize that Facebook is cut off every time you go out.


so for those of you who had this problem. I’ll give you a solution today. You must go straight to Facebook on your phone. You have to click on the live option or you will see on the home screen of your Facebook that there is an option in the form of video. Click on the video aggression. After going there. click on your life. You will see that there is your live option. You can see.


Whether you are currently following or not. who live there. but you will see. just like YouTube. then you will click there to practice any life. to find out if your work is done. I am the device. you must click from there. You will see the icon above. There is an icon. Click on the icon. As soon as you click on the text. you will see that the text will be considered. As soon as it is considered. you will be able to listen to live talk and even life will be shortened. Can you keep up with any of your other tasks? I hope you understand. Thanks, stay well. 

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