How to increase the battery backup of the phone

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How to increase the battery backup of the phone

Hello friends, how are you all Those of us who use phones? About 99 percent of us have to deal with phone battery problems. Because it is always difficult to use our phones due to the battery problem of the phone. The battery of the phone gets damaged quickly. Phone battery swells. The phone gets hot to do various things on the phone except for playing games or browsing. This is one of the biggest problems. Which is also the problem. I have on Facebook sometimes for myself. Also the latest problem is the phone hanging leg. Maybe when you use the phone or do some important work, your phone automatically cuts off that flat and returns to the homepage. On the other hand, your phone’s battery problem is one of the reasons. As a result, the battery backup on your phone is reduced and the charge ends quickly.

Solve mobile charging problems

 Again, it may be that one of the important things you are doing hangs that phone and your phone can work. On the other hand you play a lot of games and you also have a lot of interest in playing games. Then your phone is turned off due to hanging or overheating while playing games. Again, it often takes a long time to charge your phone. This is a solution I will share with you today. 


 So friends, what is the main reason? Today I will tell you how to solve this issue. However, keep reading the entire article carefully. Buddhists, whatever you do for this, you must keep the micro USB cable on your phone clean. Someone will try to clean the civil option of the point that you are putting on your phone. Because if there is some carbon or dirt accumulated in your phone, you may face a charge problem. This is why your phone takes a lot of time to charge and loads the ball. There is also a gradual charge. 

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Increasing mobile battery backup

One more issue we want to talk about. That is, even after you have 100% charged your phone, do not open the charger from your phone anymore. Then automatically if the charging system in your phone is not advanced technology, then your charging will continue to take the battery in your phone. Then the battery of your phone gets swollen, gets hot or gets hit a lot. This causes your phone to hang. 


For this, you must charge your phone accordingly and if it is 100% or 90% or even 95%, then unplug the charging cable of your phone from your phone. By doing this, your phone will always have a chance and your phone’s battery will never run out again. And of course you have another thing to keep in mind when it comes to charging the phone. 

How to clean mobile charging port

If you are asked exactly when you charge your phone. Then maybe you will tell me that when your phone has 50 percent 70 percent or 75 percent then you charge your phone again and sit on full charge again. By doing this, your phone is repeatedly charged and as a result, your phone’s battery is in trouble. If the battery gets a signal again and again, even a little bit of battery is damaged. 


 Of course, you are not the only one to charge your phone. Show your photos. 4 will last. You have to charge the phone while the battery is charged for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes. On the other hand, when the battery comes to your phone or the battery will be charged up to 95, then you have to unplug the charging cable. By doing this, the battery of your phone will be very safe and you will get much more battery backup of your phone than before. Thanks everyone for reading the full article. Stay with us if you like. 

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