How To Reduce Phone Data Internet Costs – Use Daily Mobile Data Limit

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Set mobile data limit. How To Reduce Phone Data Internet Costs – Use Daily Mobile Data Limit.

Hello friends, how are you all? Today I will talk about one such secret trick for mobile users. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Because today I am going to give you tips so that you can reduce the internet cost of your phone. We use the internet on our phones regularly. That means loading MB or MB in our phone then we use the internet. If you use YouTube or other social media. As a result. Your phone consumes a lot of internet data. This trick is especially important for those who regularly watch videos on YouTube. 


How to use phone data limit

Today I will teach you the secret settings of the internet you can do on your phone. This will reduce the cost of MB on your phone much more than before no matter how much you use YouTube on your phone. Using YouTube on your phone in the same way that we usually use Facebook-Twitter or Instagram will save a lot of internet cost. Set mobile data limit.

So I will talk about how to reduce the internet cost on your phone or how to apply these tips on your phone. Below I will tell you step-by-step what you need to do first.


Data Warning

First you need to go to your phone’s YouTube app to reduce the internet cost on your phone. You will play a video after coming to the app. There is a settings icon on YouTube that you can see at the bottom after you play any video. We see this settings icon almost all the time even though it was given a long time ago. There is no need to make any new settings. 

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Daily Mobile Data Limit


Then when you click on the settings icon, You will see that some video resolutions are shown here. You always Select any resolution from there. But especially we do high resolution Select as it can be 4K or Full HD. This way. The moment you watch a video on YouTube. The more internet you have on your phone. The more likely it is that your phone will lose data. However, this is not to say that you will not use YouTube.


 Of course you can watch any video on YouTube like before. But in this case if you leave the resolution at 720 on your phone then the thing that you will notice after you use 720 before using full HD on your phone. You will see that when you watch two videos at the same time. Then you will see that the MB cost of the next video is less than the previous video.  


Set mobile data limit

But you may think that you may not see this clearly. Although the resolution will be reduced a little. You can still see clear here in case someone has uploaded your video to 4k. If you have uploaded a video to 4K or uploaded to Full HD, then you must watch this video 480p on YouTube. That is, you can play your video. This will allow you to watch more videos.


Data usage Stats

This way you can take the data internet cost poet as a result of using YouTube. I think this article has been very useful to you even if it is useful then click on the bell icon next to our website to get the notification of the next post first. Set mobile data limit.

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