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Today we will talk. Who is your simple Facebook profile, how to create a VIP profile? However, there are many things to notice when creating a Facebook profile VIP. Such as your cover photo, profile photo, profile bio, feature image, as well as about your Facebook ID including your hobby. Almost everything has to be noticed. All of this combines nicely. You can make your Facebook profile a completely VIP profile.

Smart Photo Cut :

This will surprise your friends or anyone who enters your Facebook ID or sees your profile. It will also be interesting to see your Facebook profile in their eyes. 


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And currently, it is a viral topic. Now, most Facebook users. Convert their Facebook profile to VIP profile to make it more attractive. So from this point of view, you can do it yourself even if you want to. You can arrange your Facebook profile. So let’s not talk too much.


But today I will show you two things in this article. The first is your Facebook profile. The second is the cover photo or banner of your Facebook ID. How do you set up a profile and cover it with just one picture of you? You do not need two pictures for this. With just one app, you can split your own profile picture in two and put it on the cover and profile of your Facebook ID. Which looks like the screenshot below.

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Facebook VIP Profile


So friends don’t know how to do this. Please install this app first.


then open the app. After opening, take a look at the screenshot below. Follow the screenshot marked in red below. And click on that button. 


Facebook VIP Profile


Now you will see an interface like this. The first option from here is to Facebook Profile & Cover Maker click on the button. 


Facebook VIP Profile


and be sure to turn off your phone’s Internet or WiFi connection. After that, such an option will come. There is an option called select image is given in the screenshot below. Click on that select image. 


Facebook cover photo size

Facebook VIP Profile

Profile Cover Crop For Facebook

Then your phone’s gallery will open. Select the image of your choice from the gallery. Which you want to put on your cover and photos. After selecting the image of your choice, it will bring you back to the app. And who will show the image that you have selected there? Then you zoom in and adjust the image. With the cover of your profile and your Facebook ID. 

Facebook cover size

Facebook VIP Profile

Facebook cover photo:

then press and click from above. Now you can see the Photo saved successfully! Such a text will come. Then think that your picture is divided into two parts. This allows you to set one on your profile and one on your cover. 

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Cover photos

Facebook VIP Profile


here you can use the image above for the profile and the image below for the cover photo. However, do not forget to put the cover of the profile and the cover of the profile. This will not adjust your profile and cover. 

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Facebook Stylish Name Maker


And of course, it will go to the gallery as soon as you save it. I hope this way you can easily make your Facebook profile more interesting. We will bring some more posts about Facebook profiles. Stay with us until then.




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