How to Earn Money by Uploading Photos – Selling Photos Online for Beginners

1 Photo = $165 USD

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The Best Place to Sell Photos Online: You can earn thousands of dollars per month by selling photos taken with a mobile or camera. Almost all of us love to do photography. For some reason or for no reason, we take pictures of various things with our phones. Also, those who do professional photography. There is no word in their case. Nowadays, people who can take good photography with mobile phones are found almost everywhere. We take pictures of ourselves or friends as well as anything from many scenes to our choice. You can generate a good amount of income every month by uploading pictures to the website.


Selling Photos Online for Beginners


Millions of people visit that website to buy pictures. All kinds of pictures are also sold on that website. Where you can work as a contributor to earn money just by uploading images. The subject is very nice. So if you have flowers in hand, start mobile photography today and earn millions of rupees at home. Plus points for you if you have a DSLR camera. So let us know the details.

Best Photo-Selling Website


Sell Photos Online: Today we will introduce you to one of the most popular stock photo-selling websites in the world. Where every month different photographers from the country and abroad are earning millions of rupees only by uploading pictures. As soon as you upload your favorite photo taken on your phone or camera, it will go to the review. Once they review and approve you are ready to earn from that picture. The name of that website is This website is used by millions of people around the world to download photos. Anyone can buy pictures from here with dollars if they want.

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Shutterstock Contributor Earnings


How to work as a contributor on the website. Or earn as a photographer by uploading photos. For this, first of all, you need to create a contributor account at Only then you will get permission to upload images here. How to create an account on Follow these steps to find out.

For this first, you need to enter the website. If you want, you can now create and work on mobile devices. The website link is here-

Shutterstock Contributor Sign-up


Sell Photos Online

Sell Photos Online


  • First click Signup
  • Your full name
  • Your company name
  • Enter email address
  • Enter new password
  • Are you 18 years old? Tick ​​mark if yes.
  • Click on Great Easter
  • After that, the Shutterstock contributor account will be complete.


Then login and follow the steps below:


Sell Photos Online

  • Click on the upload icon below
  • Click the plus icon from the top right corner
  • Then select your favorite image from your gallery
  • Wait for the image to upload
  • Then click on the image and submit it with a description, keyword, category, and additional information.
  • After submission, the image will go for review and will take up to five days for review.
  • If the image is approved, you can earn dollars from it for every download.
  • If you want, you can withdraw dollars through PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill payment methods.


How to withdraw money after earning. We will try to write a new post about this topic later. So share this post with your friends and stay with us thanks.

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