How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos in Google Drive

Recover Deleted Photos

Recover Deleted Photos:

Hi friends, in today’s article I will teach you how to recover deleted picture video or document files from your phone. We all need to know this. Because a lot of times a lot of things can be deleted from our hands. Many times if you give the phone to someone else, they may forget to delete it. In most cases, this is due to a mistake. Also, if you ever think you need to delete pictures, videos, or anything else. So now anyone can restore it if you want. It’s the easiest way. 

How to recover permanently deleted photos in google drive

Although it is very easy not to back up the computer. But in the case of mobile, it is a little difficult if you do not know about this. So I will try to explain to you in a very short time through this article. I hope you understand when you read the full article. So we need to know beforehand how we can bring it back. This will require you to install a mobile application on your phone. 

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Recover Deleted Photos :

Recover Deleted Photos

The link to that app will be given below this article –

How do I recover permanently deleted photos from google drive?

Click on the link given below the article and install the application on your phone. Now open the app. Then the interface that will come in front of you is given below.

You can see three options in the first interface. The first option is to restore the picture which is very important for you. In the option, you will see a text in English that reads “Search the image you want to restore”. Click there. 


Set The Animation Effect in The Status & Navigation Bar


Then you will see “Searching for all of the folders” below. That means as many pictures have been deleted from your phone. Each of those pictures will continue to be loaded and restored from here. But of course, I am telling you another thing. You want to restore pictures from that mobile. Install the apps on that mobile. And you have to work from that mobile. 


If you think a picture on your mobile has been deleted. Now you will restore it from another mobile. But this is not possible at all. So your mobile has been deleted. You have to restore from that mobile. Through this app. 

Another thing to keep in mind. You will get back the deleted pictures from the internal memory of your phone. If deleted from the memory card. But then you can’t restore. Only in the case of this application. 


How to recover permanently deleted photos from google drive trash.


So now you will see all the pictures when the loading is over. Then you will be able to see each of your pictures in high quality as before. And you can get your return on the Same Quality. So anyway, now you will see that each of your deleted pictures will show in front of you. When the full loading is over. Then you need to restore that image from here. Whatever you want to get back. Click on that image or that file. 


Then see if it is a file. You can see a few more pictures inside that file. You can select those pictures by clicking one by one if you want or you can select all the pictures by clicking Select All from above. Then select the image you need from below. And in the restoration, you can see how many pictures you selected. So after clicking on the restore option. 

That image will instantly go to your phone’s gallery. 


Apps Link- Download Now


How to restore permanently deleted photos from google drive.

Which will be stored on your phone’s internal memory card. Before that you can see after clicking a successful notification will show in front of you. This will allow you to understand whether the image has been successful in your gallery. Then check your gallery and you will get the picture. 


So friends, hope you have to figure out how to restore deleted photos. I was able to help in this regard. If you like it, share this article with your friends. Thanks …

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