Set The Animation Effect in The Status & Navigation Bar Of The Phone

Animation Effect Status & Navigation Bar

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Mobile status & navigation bar effect.

Friend’s, to change the look of your phone. Today I will introduce you to a great mobile app. The app that can make your phone so attractive. That phone would look awesome.

The bar or status bar on the phone. You can set some interesting animation effects. Which you never thought possible. After setting this kind of animation effect on your phone. It will make the phone 10 times more attractive.

Set The Animation Effect in The Status & Navigation Bar


The work of such an app will really catch the eye of the friends around you. You will find all the features in this app.

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However, it is better to say when using the app. If you parse the premium version of it. By doing this you will get all the benefits. In the premium version, you will get unlimited effects. Each of these designs is different. You can also change the color, effect, design by customizing if you want. Mobile status & navigation bar effect.


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Again you can set this animation effect in the status bar. You can set the navigation bar. If you want, you can set it in the middle of the phone. It totally depends on your customization.

But I am giving you some more secret tips. If you do not want to buy the premium version of the app. However, how do you use the premium features?


The display design of the phone will look cool


For this, you have to use every premium feature. You need to unlock the features every time you see the ad. This is the easy way out. But each is like 15 to 30 seconds.

Yet this way you can change the design quality of the phone. At least you can apply these tricks. Without any kind of money.

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Below is the link to install this app—  



Keyboard App- 

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Hope you understand the work of this app. Click on the link above. Install the app on your phone. Open it and set it as you like. Thanks, everyone for reading the whole thing.

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