Best Android Launcher in 2022

Best Android launchers to make your home screen perfect

Android Launcher: The best launcher can make your phone attractive. Usually, we use Android phones. We all have a launcher setup by default on our phones. We feel bored at some point while using the launcher. Because it’s not nice to see the same launcher for a long time. 


For example, by changing the design of the phone, mobile companies bring new updates to their phones every year. Also, the phones are launched in the market by adding new features. That grabs the attention of buyers. 

In the same way, you can use an amazing launcher on your phone to make your phone look very attractive. Which will add a new dimension to your phone. You can change the old launcher and set up a new special launcher on your phone. Today I will talk to you about the launch. I will talk to you today about the launch that is very popular and very useful. 

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We use many types of launchers from the play store. We use many types of launchers from the play store, which are good in some aspects but not useful in many aspects. We need an attractive and very minimalistic android launcher. If you use the launcher you can use your phone smoothly. 

There are many types of launchers available in the play store, such as how to download the best launcher on your phone. It will be shown and linked in this post. 

Best Launcher for Android 2022


The launcher that we are going to share with you today is called Stereo Launcher. You can set this launcher on your phone without any hassle. The size of the launch is not too big and not too many features are added. 

You can use it as a shortcut and completely change the design of your phone. Which will look a little more amazing than before on the home screen of the phone. You can also customize the look of your phone to your heart’s content with this launcher. Let’s see how to set it up on your phone. 

Stario Launcher

To use Launcher, first install it on your phone and open it. You will see immediately the launcher has started working on your phone. But even after that, you can customize everything from phone icons to color combinations, etc. So here’s how to properly set up the launcher on your phone – 

  1. First, install the app.
  2. Now open the app.
  3. Then slide upwards.
  4. Then click on the setting option at the bottom left side.
  5. Then turn on the two switches from above. Remember that you have to grant some permissions while joining this. 
  6. Then click on the option called double tap to lock Jester from the bottom and turn on the Use accessibility switch and click on the process button. In this case, your permission may be required.
  1. Click on the Reassign System Launcher option and select “Stereo Launcher” from the default home app. Immediately your launcher will be set up with your phone. By doing this when you exit your phone or close the phone’s recent apps. In that case, the launcher will not move. 

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You can see option number 5 above. There are two switches to turn on. By turning on the first switch, your phone’s colorful app icons will be in dark mode. Which will look much more attractive and also compatible with your phone. Make sure to use this wallpaper below to enhance your phone’s look even more. This wallpaper will adjust very nicely, especially when using this launcher above. 

Thanks for reading the entire post. 

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