3 ways Google Lens can save you time on Android, iPhone | How to Use Google Lens

Google Lens will make you a magician. But first you have to learn it.

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Google Lens: Today I will share with you 3 Amazing tricks of Google Lens. Which will surprise you to know. So read the entire article carefully.

Google Lens Trick No. 1: Use Lens from Image Search, Photos, and your phone’s camera.


Many times we want to buy something. The thing we don’t know the name of. Also, this may be the first we’ve seen. For example, suppose a friend of yours buys a new gadget or toy. There is no name or brand written on it. But you liked it very much. So you are interested in buying it. Also, your friend doesn’t know its name. What should you do then? You don’t have to worry about this. Because Google has such an amazing app. As a result of which you can know the details of any gadgets, toys, electronic products, and pictures of any trees that you don’t know. The biggest thing is that you can order it online if you want. Only with the Google Lens app.


How to use Google lens

Let’s know how it works. First, install the Google app on your phone and open it. The camera will appear in front of you. You want to know the name of the unknown object. Hold it to the back of the phone and take a picture. After that Google will immediately show its name and details. You can visit all the pages according to your time. Hope you get the product you want.


Google Lens Trick No. 2: Translate text from the real world


Many times we see English written in books or when we go abroad, sitting in the car, sitting in the room, we see signboards written in different languages ​​on the road. Sometimes they attract us. But unfortunately, we cannot read them. Wish I could read it. That would be great. Details were known about the matter. Those who regret it, wish I could understand writing in English, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, African, Italian, French, German, Vietnamese, Nepali, etc. Today this special post is for them.

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How to use Google lens


Now there is no reason to worry. This post will teach you. How to do it in just 2 minutes with the help of Google Lens. Open the Google Lens camera on your phone on the text of any country. Take another photo. You will see that it is immediately converted into your own language. But remember, before doing this, select “Translate” from the option below. The above image is provided for ease of understanding.


Google Lens Trick No. 3: Copy text from the real world.


Sometimes it can be our teacher or anyone. A text in a book, user manual, or paper can be typed and noted on the phone in a short amount of time. Also sometimes it comes in our personal work. Then you are very worried that how to write such a big letter so quickly. This is a very difficult matter. And I feel bored writing. Even typing for so long can hurt your hands. Let me tell you, you don’t need to worry about it. Today I will try to show you through this wonderful trick of Google Lens that you can easily do this 1-hour work in just 1 minute.


How to use Google lens

For this, open the Google Lens app. Make sure to select the “Text” option from below. Then hold the whole book behind the camera of the phone. Then take a picture of the correct required text. Google will immediately select your writings. If you want, you can also select Alani manually. Again you can do “All Selection” without any problem. Anyway, look at the magic. Click on the “Copy” option below to copy your writings. Now click “Past” on the desired note. You will see only 1-2 minutes of work. Which would have taken you at least over 2 hours to type.

Google Lens App: Download


Please share it with your friends if you find it useful. Thank you very much for reading the complete article. Stay with us.

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