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Ai Image Creator: How to create an AI photo by writing your name on your favorite jersey. Currently, AI photo editing is going viral on various social media like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. You also want to create a photo of yourself standing with your favorite cricket player. Your name and jersey number will show on the back of the jersey you wear. You can create photos of cricket player Shakib Al Hasan, football player Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, etc. standing with players or watching a game on TV. To create such an image, you need to use Microsoft Bing’s website. You can easily create it with BingAI Image Creator.


Make Ai Cricket Fan Images


Best free ai image generator: Now we will know how to generate different types of fantasy images with the help of AI. Usually, we imagine many things. But it may not be implemented. Or even if it takes a lot of time. But we can express our thoughts by creating a picture. Just write some text like your mind and instantly different AI photos will be created on that text. If you want, you can create many types of images such as Bangladesh Cricket Jerseys, Indian Cricket Jerseys or Argentina Jersey, and Brazil Jersey in the case of football. You can also create a picture of the situation where you are sitting with your girlfriend or with family and friends watching the game on the TV screen.

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For Brazilian Football Players

Brazilian football player Neymar with his hand on a boy’s shoulder wearing a Brazil football team t-shirt jersey standing inside a football stadium. Neymar’s t-shirt will have “Neymar” number “10” written on the back and “Jalal” number “10” will be written on the back of the boy’s t-shirt.

For Argentina Football Players

Argentina football player Lionel Messi with his hand on a boy’s shoulder wearing an Argentina football team t-shirt jersey standing inside a football stadium. Messi’s t- t-shirt will have “Messi” number “10” written on the back and “Jalal” number “10” will be written on the back of the boy’s t-shirt.

For Bangladeshi Cricket Players

An 18-year-old boy is sitting in his room watching a Bangladesh cricket match on TV. The boy’s name is “Dipu”
The boy is wearing a Bangladesh cricket jersey.
The boy’s name is written on the back of his jersey. Jersey number 16. Bangladesh jersey on the wall, full HD quality, 4K, back of jersey name ‘Dipu’

Bangladeshi fan wearing Bangladeshi cricket team t-shirt with name “Dipu” jersey number “9”. Watching match on TV. A Bangladeshi t-shirt and a Bangladeshi flag are hanging on the wall. He is 17 years old. He is sitting on a cream-colored Soffa. These pictures were taken from his backside. 

For a Girlfriend With a Boyfriend

Me and my girlfriend watching a Bangladesh cricket live stadium game. Jersey number “10”. My name is Dipu and my girlfriend is Papri.

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Bing Ai Image Creator


Best text-to-image AI: If you want to sit on the field and watch a live cricket or football game, you can create such pictures through the AI of different teams. So let’s find out how you can make this kind of picture very easily with your phone. Pictures that you can send to surprise your girlfriend, friends, or family. You can use your Facebook profile or Instagram DP if you want. Or you can post in different places. Currently, with these types of viral pictures, you can get a large number of likes, reactions, comments, or shares on your ID on various social media.


For this, first, you need to go to the Bing website. Click the button below to access the website.


Then create an account or sign in to the Microsoft Bing website. Then an empty box will appear in front of you. Microsoft Bing will generate images for you based on what you type in this box. The surprise button will show before typing. Once written the create button will show and you click on that crate option. Your AI photo will be created instantly.

Ai Image Creator

But in that case, some coins will be required. One coin will be required for each image generator. First, you will get some coins for free. Next coins you have to buy by paying. How to create different AI images with the Bing AI Image Creator website. To know more practically about this, you can watch the above video from our YouTube channel. Thanks for reading the article. If you like the post, share it with your friends.

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