How to Get Black Verification Badge on Facebook 2024

Fb Black Badge

Facebook Black Badge: Today I will show you direct proof of how to add a black verification badge to your Facebook profile. You can get a block verification batch on your ID or someone else’s ID. Many people are charging money to get this black verification badge. So through today’s post, you can add a black verification badge next to your Facebook ID name for free. I am trying to explain to you in very simple terms. How to verify your Facebook ID black. Hope you will understand very easily after reading the entire post.

Facebook Black Badge Script or Text 


          1. First, go to your Facebook profile and click on the Settings option below.
          2. Then click on Personal Details or Account Center.
          3. Then click on Profile.
          4. If more than one profile is shown, which profile do you want to black verify? Select it. If a profile shows up, click on that profile.
          5. Then click on the name option.
          6. Now click on the above search option.


Facebook black verified problem


          1. Now above the Facebook black badge script In the headlines click on Now a new page will open in front of you. Copy the JavaScript from that page. Remember to copy and paste the Java script into Notepad. Edit it and replace your ID name by editing your full name, first name, middle name, and last name.
          2. Then paste the script in the search option above. Then enter from the phone keyboard. Then a popup will appear in front of you. Make sure the text “Ignore this site message for a minute” is OK. Do this four times in a row.
          3. Then go back to your profile.
          4. After returning to the profile, refresh the profile and see that the black verification badge is showing with the ID name on your profile.

Facebook Black Tick


If you have difficulty reading the post, watch the video tutorial below.

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