ফেসবুক নাম পরিবর্তন করার নিয়ম 2024 | Facebook Name Change Korbo Kivabe?

How To Change Your Name On Facebook 2024

Change Facebook Name: You can change your Facebook ID name in just two minutes. But let’s know how to do it practically. You may need to change your Facebook account name due to various reasons. Or if your previous Facebook ID name is wrong, it may need to be changed to correct it. Or you may need to correct your old Facebook account name if it is wrong. There are various reasons why you need to change your Facebook ID name. So below step-by-step I will show you how to change Facebook profile names very easily.


Facebook Name Change Korbo Kivabe?


  1. First, go to your Facebook Profile.
  2. Now click on your Facebook profile icon.
  3. Click on Settings and Privacy. Click Settings again.
  4. Then click on Personal Details.
  5. Now click on profile.
  6. Click Profile again.
  7. Now click on the Name option.
  8. Now you will see your current name.
  9. The name you want to rename. Enter the new name by editing or removing the old name.
  10. But remember that once you change your Facebook account name, you cannot change it again before the next 60 days. You have to wait at least 60 days to change the name again.
  11. Then click on the Change Review button.
  12. Then click on Save Changes.

Fb ID Name Change 2023


If you want to know more practically how to change the name of your Facebook ID, watch the following video. 

How to change Facebook name before 60 days 2023


If you follow the above rules properly, you can change your Facebook ID name very easily. Besides, you can change the name of others from their Facebook account.

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