মোবাইল চার্জ হতে অনেক সময় লাগে – How to Turn On Super Fast Charging Mode on Mobile

Why is the phone charging late

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How to Turn On Super Fast Charging Mode on Mobile: Charging the phone to 100% is delayed or takes a long time. Why this problem occurs and how to solve it. I will share this matter with you today. There are usually many reasons why a phone takes a long time to charge. Those reasons are given below step by step.


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Why is my phone charging slowly and dying fast: When your phone does not support First Charge? Then the phone charges slowly. Again the phone gets very hot but takes a while to charge. Even if the phone’s charger or adapter does not support fast charging, the phone may take half an hour to charge. On the other hand, even if everything is fine, only the quality of the adapter’s charging cable is normal, but the phone takes a lot of time to charge. On the other hand, the battery of the phone has been used for a long time and is Damaged.

As a result, this battery before Cannot charge. In that case, the phone battery needs to be changed. Many people use different chargers in the same phone charging port Dirt Mirage or Depleted. Even in that case your phone charges slowly May cause a rise. In that case, the charger is with the phone and Cannot connect properly.

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How can I make my Android charge faster?


How do I fix the slow charging: Many recently Played games on a phone or phone to use Put the phone on charge. Charging like this will never charge the phone fast. Additional phone apps Uninstall it or or yourPhone battery charge Additional apps quickly finish You need to know these little things. But now I will tell you the most important thing. That is super fast or quick charging on the phone support and even if you have a good quality cable if that option is off from the phone. Even then it takes 2 times more to charge the phone. Let’s take a look at that setting.

How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster Android

  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Now to yourselfScroll  Do andBattery and device careClick on the option.
  • Then click on the Battery option.
  • Back to yourselfScroll Do and click on the More Battery Settings option.
  • Then from below Fast charging, super fast charging, and fast wall chargingং These are the three options Enabled if disabled.

Now your settings are done. From now on your phone will start charging super fast than before. Even if charging the phone extra takes time that case you can try changing your phone charger only. Thanks for reading the entire post. Share with your friends if you like.

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