How to Recover Facebook Password Without Email and Phone number

What are the ways to recover my Facebook account?

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Facebook Account Recovery Process without Email Address: How to recover a Facebook password if you forget it. Almost all of us use Facebook. But sometimes we forget our Facebook ID password. Do you not know how to recover a forgotten Facebook password? If you don’t know then there is no reason to worry. We will discuss this with you in today’s topic. Many people keep a note of their Facebook passwords in different places to remember their Facebook IDs. But later I couldn’t find it. Then when trying to log in to Facebook in a browser or app, the password shows incorrect or wrong. Let’s know what you should do then.


How to Recover Facebook Account Forgot Password


What is the short step to recover my Facebook account using phone number? If you forget your Facebook ID password for any reason, you can quickly recover it later if you want. Let us know the process. First of all, if you forget your Facebook ID password, click on the “Forget Password” option while logging in to any browser or Facebook app. Then when a new page opens, enter your mobile number or email address and click on the Find Account button. Now you will see part of the email that is connected to your account. Then click on the continue button below. The email address you provided. An OTP code will be sent to that email address. That OTP code should be entered in the following interface. If the OTP code does not comen’t get a code? Click on the option.

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And if your mobile number is given. Then an OTP code will be sent to your mobile number. Enter that OTP code here. Now you have to continue with a completely new or unique password. Now re-enter the password. Now select the Stay Logged in option and click Continue. The password you entered earlier is your current Facebook password. Save this password in a particular notepad of yours. To make it easier to find your password when logging in later. With the password, you can later log in to any device.

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