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Mobile Power Button Locked- Do you know how important it is to lock your phone’s power button? There are also benefits to locking the phone’s power button. How to lock the power button of the phone and why. Keep reading today’s post to know all these things. 

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If you are asked. What you do with the power button on your phone. Or what is done with the power button. Then you will have only one common answer. Mobile can only be switched on and off with the power button of the mobile. Nothing more. But I will tell you that not only this but much more can be done with the power button. An example of this is today’s post. 


Power Lock Apps

First of all, I will tell you what will happen if you lock the power button of your phone. Friends basically if you keep your phone’s power button locked. In that case, no one will be able to turn your phone on or off without your permission. Can’t turn off your phone. Whenever someone tries to turn off your phone, they will ask for a secret PIN number, password, or pattern. In that case, the system will lock you. You need to open the lock on that system. 


There is an advantage to this. That is if your phone is ever accidentally lost or taken away by someone. Then no one will be able to turn off your phone. Unless you have the PIN number on your phone. Because it will ask for the PIN number every time it closes. Also if that person tries your mobile with more than 1 to 3 wrong PIN numbers. In that case, it will be prompt for 30 to 60 seconds. Then he has to wait so long and try again. 


Mobile Power Button Locked

Even more interesting is when he repeatedly tries to try with the wrong password pattern or PIN number. In that case, your phone will sound an alarm. Anyone who sees that sound will understand that this phone is not his. Because current phones are not battery removable. So he has no chance to easily turn off the battery and turn off the phone. As a result, your phone will not be able to use it. 

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If he goes to a maker’s shop. In that case, the shopkeeper will understand that this phone is not his. What that means is, he can’t unlock your phone. Can’t stop. Can’t open the battery. Repeatedly trying with the wrong PIN number will cause the alarm to sound. In the end, he is forced to return your phone. So if you keep the power button on your phone locked. That power button will be invalid to anyone but you. 


But that’s great. So here’s how to lock the power button on your phone. You need to install a mobile app for this. The link is given below. 


Mobile Power Button Locked

Open the app after installing it on your phone. 

Mobile Power Button Locked

Then tick I Agree, click the Accept button. 

Mobile Power Button Locked

Click on the English option from the top of this page.

Mobile Power Button Locked

Click on the Parton or PIN option from the three options on this page. 


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For example, if you have selected the PIN option. Here you enter four number pins. Which is like your own mind and can’t be told to anyone else. But try to pin a little harder here. So that others cannot open it very easily. Then click on the aroma from the bottom left side, repeat the same PIN, and click on the arrow sign from the bottom Right Side.

Mobile Power Button Locked

Click the Skip button after coming to this page. 

Mobile Power Button Locked

Click GO from here.


Mobile Power Button Locked

Then give the app permission from your phone. 


Then click on the back button a little. After coming to this page, click on the It is Work button. 


Apps Link-

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Lock Apps

Now that you are done. Try turning off the phone by pressing the power button on your mobile. If you want a PIN or password or pattern lock provided by you instead of closing. Then you can be sure that your settings have been applied successfully. But it is better to say one more thing if you show it once you close it, if you enter the correct password. Then you have to lock the apps again in the same way.


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